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The Black Girl Next Door: A Memoir

by Jennifer Baszile

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The Black Girl Next Door - Paperback Cover

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"In elegant prose, Baszile shares enlightening observations throughout... Proud and comfortable in her skin. as well as clearheaded about its hazards, Baszile has written a classic portrait of that girl next door."

— Publishers Weekly

"This is an absorbing look behind the facade of one black family's striving for integration and the American dream"

— Booklist

"Jennifer Baszile's memoir deftly blends a revealing history of a black girl growing up in an affluent, mostly white neighborhood in the post-civil rights era with an intimate and poignant story of what it was to be simply a girl growing up. This memoir will resonate with those who have felt disenfranchised from the American dream even while working hard to attain it, yet her story will feel familiar to anyone who remembers the moment they realized parents aren't infallible, that life isn't fair, and that growing up is .both a curse and blessing. Her eventual triumph makes reading Baszile's journey even sweeter."

— Kim Reid author of No Safe Place: A Family Memoir and winner of the 2008 Colorado Book Award in Creative Nonfiction.

"Compelling. Thoroughly engaging. An important addition to the African-American story... Read this memoir and extend your understanding of the making of America and the maturing of one young girl as she made her way through these uncharted waters."

— Clifton L. Taulbert, author, Once Upon a Time When We Were Colored

"Thoughtful, inspirational and timeless. A true tale about the triumph of the human spirit."

— Alan Lawrence Sitomer, author of Teaching Teens and Reaping Results in a Wi-Fi, Hip-Hop, Where-Has-All-The-Sanity-Gone World

"Jennifer Baszile's The Black Girl Next Door is a wonderful book that gives an intimate look at one women's journey to success. Jennifer's story is powerful, provocative and at times painful. Her voice is honest and enlightening. A must read!"

— Chrisena Coleman, founder of Just Between Girlfriends Book Club
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